Breaking Out

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We have thousands of Piece Unique NFT Artworks with the potential to build your digital and financial portfolios. Digital one of a kind artworks and other Non Fungible Token assets are being bought and sold for profit all over the world. Here at NFT4Me we make sure you own the minted, digital and physical assets to insure protection of your NFT investments. ONLY YOU OWN IT.

Escaping The Matrix NFT-000301

I’m NO Longer Another Barcode For Big Tech

Escaping The Matrix NFT-002498

No Longer A Barcode For The Elite

Escaping The Matrix NFT-002500

No Longer A Barcode For The Elite

Escaping The Matrix NFT-000303

I’m NO Longer Another Barcode For Big Tech


Why does it take us a little longer to create and post new “Escaping The Matrix” NFT’s?

We take a bit longer than normal building our NFT artworks because we do not build programmed algorithms to mass produce our images. Every NFT made here at NFT4Me is created by hand by one person. We feel like this makes our NFT artworks just a little more special than the factory production line model. At the end of the day we understand that you are looking for something unique and special, so we work hard to give every NFT digital piece a bit more of a human touch.

Only You Own It.

Because NFT’s are Non Fungible Tokens you are the sole owner of the design. This means if you put your “Escaping The Matrix” or other design image on printable items you’ll be the only person in the entire world with that design. When you buy any NFT designed by us you will gain access to the print ready transparency. All you have to do is change the background color that the NFT image sits on and you’re done. Choosing the proper background color will allow for the best quality for whatever items you choose to put your NFT on. Make money by mounting your NFT on t-shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, etc. and selling them to your customers or keep it as a single one of a kind piece just for you. The ideas are endless, so do whatever makes you happy!

New NFT’s are added daily here and on other NFT selling websites like Rarible and OpenSea. Purchase your Rare One Of A Kind NFT and break away from the herd. 

Buy This Website and All Not Already Sold NFT’s for 39.29 Eth long tern or 20.43 Eth Today! Price May Change Without Warring.

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