Escaping The Matrix NFT-002500

Name: Escaping The Matrix
Title: No Longer A Barcode For The Elite
Description: This one of a kind Barcode NFT is part of a series with each artwork possessing elements unlike any other. No two barcodes are alike. Each sheep in the prison uniform escaping over the barbed wire is unique in some way, whether it’s the prison uniform number, ears, or face something is always different. The backgrounds of each one of this special and meaningful NFT art pieces changes is brick color, type, and setting, etc. which lets the buyer choose his or her one of a kind artwork suitable for them. Escaping The Matrix NFT’s possess numbers below the barcode which let’s you know where in the series your piece is currently. A limited number of the “Escaping The Matrix” series is being created with a starting production of 2500 pieces. There are many other subtle changes that are made in the production of these pieces due to changes in background. When comparing more than one of these artworks it may take days or even longer to discover all the ways that makes yours so unique. This is why it’s so fun to own one or more of these productions. Dig even deeper and you will discover why these artworks will surely increase in value over time. Don’t wait! It’s time for you to own the first NFT truly made with You In Mind.