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TurnKey Opportunity In The NFT Space

What You Get
*Domain, dot com, if applicable
*Accounts, passwords, etc.
*Turnkey Website
*Images build for website
*Logo and Image Media
*Blog articles, for use on only.
*Social Media Accounts and Followers
*Hard Files
*6 Free Months Support
*2500 NFT’s Images or the remainder of.
*Additional NFT’s (optional)
*Hosting Plan, until expiration date/s.
*Email account/s, until expiration date/s.
*Videos, If any are produced
*Relationship Building, We won’t sell to just anyone.
Contact for question, complete list, info, etc.


NFT4Me is for sale or auction at this time. You can own this website, its content, and created but not already sold NFT products, and artworks. This is a crypto Smart Contract deal so all sales and or additional two party obligations are final. The NFT4Me sale is structured simply as a purchase price and life time royalty deal. This win/win opportunity is for anyone. You don’t have to be a super savvy businessmen to become the proud investor of this NFT product website and its NFT products. The life time royalty agreement keeps us around to help your business success. This means we’ll be working with you to be sure that you get transitioned into a smooth running system you feel comfortable with. Full transparency and discloser of any and all related NFT4Me sale project information will be available by request, but everything you need to know is here on this website or other web links, ie.

Royalty: is where the NFT artworks are listed and sold. NFT’s sold and not yet sold on this website maybe already listed on the OpenSea platform. A total of 2500 images like the ones you see on the home page will be created. Each of these minted images will carry with it a small non negotiable life time royalty fee of 12%, which is right around the going rate for NFT creator royalties. We do not collect a royalty fee for NFT’s that you yourself created. All NFT sales, royalties, etc are tracked by both the seller and buyer through the OpenSea platform. If greater than 2500 NFT’s or new NFT’s are wanted to be created by the purchaser a new NFT purchase price and royalty will be agreed upon by both parties. Don’t worry royalty fees are likely to remain the same or decrease, unless a completely new NFT concept is created.

Separate from the royalty fee there is a NFT4Me buy price of 39.29 ETH spread over time or 20.43 ETH paid in full, which give you rights to all elements of NFT4Me, logo, website, NFT’s, domain .io and .com, banner creations, printable NFT images, and other content created for marketing or social networking, if applicable. This model is based upon an average NFT sale price of just under $50 per sold item, which is less than the current average NFT sale price of under $200. This is a non exclusive deal, meaning we don’t just design NFT’s for you or Our business model is to create NFT and Crypto Investment Opportunities for anyone. To give support where we can in the crypto space so more people can be in command of their own life, and ability to be free. If this particular deal doesn’t strike your fancy give us a call and we can discuss something that fits you better.

When you takeover your new NFT4Me website you’ll be extremely pleased at how easy it is to make it your own with the Gutenberg editor in WordPress. To keep the operational overhead down we hosted the domain and website on Once you take ownership of NFT4Me you can decide whether you want to add E-Commerce directly on your site or keep it all directed to the OpenSea platform where everything is already up and running. All blog articles and other content is optimized for directing NFT and crypto traffic back to NFT4Me. Domain renewal made easy with auto renew features turn on. Wearable products and gear with images of your purchased NFT are hosted for free at FloState Design and sold on Zazzle. As your NFT imaged products are sold a crypto payment will be made to your crypto wallet minus any fees.

We are here to support you, because your success is our success. Therefore, when it comes to our support team we are here to make sure you fully understand all aspects of running a successful NFT website. We have created a website that is easy to change and update, even for beginner website developers. We will help you link all of your current social media to or we’ll do it for you. All pertinent information about the website that is currently connected to us will be transferred to your information, so that your customers can find you fast. There is never any support time billed to you unless the support time exceeds the monthly rate of 8 hours. We do this so that there is time to support others like you who have purchased one of our other NFT websites. We can only support products and services that we provide through the sale of and the NFT’s that we create or have created. If you choose to create your own website or NFT’s we cannot support them. This is a royalty based partnership which follows all the guidelines as such, except for being in the blockchain space. If you have any question please feel free to contact us directly.

What is FloStateNFT?
FloStateNFT is a holding company which holds and sells all NFT’s produced by and other websites before the sale of the website. We created this service so that once you buy the website and its soon to be or already produced 2500 NFT’s there is a smooth and simple transfer of all images. There are NFT4Me NFT’s currently being sold on OpenSea, Rarible or both which maybe sold at this time, so any others listed will be transferred to your newly setup profile on these NFT platforms. The NFT content which is not sold are continually listed on the, OpenSea, Rarible or Social Media are then moved to their proper location for you to control. If there is no need to move certain NFT’s ie. from social media accounts setup for the promotion of NFT’s created by NFT4Me they will remain in place until sold. Any NFT’s created by NFT4Me which are sold before the sale of will be removed and the image/s will be transferred to their new owner. ie. the person who buys them on OpenSea or Rarible. When you buy you are only purchasing the remainder of the 2500 NFT’s not sold prior to the sale of the website. The remaining NFT’s files or image files not created at time of sale will be transferred to you once the sale is complete. FloStateNFT only controls the NFT files until the sale is completed, with the exception of already sold NFT’s.