Escaping The Matrix NFT-000301


Name: Escaping The Matrix

Title: No Longer Another Barcode For Big Tech

Description: This limited run piece unique Barcode NFT draws on the idea of braking away from systems of control. This NFT collection represents freeing yourself mentally, physically, and financially from the sheeple imprisonment, put in place by the Elites of the world. Each of these barcodes host a number of unique Easter Egg like mods, which makes them highly collectable and fun to own! Your unique NFT comes with an unlock, revealing a ready for print matching transparency, without a background. The transparency is ready for print, and allows you to create one-of-a-kind wearable or otherwise items. No two escaping prisoner sheep are the same as each prisoner ID number changes. Escaping sheep prisoner’s change their appearance once they make it over the barbed wire fence so they can blend in to the free world.